jordan & austin | stern center wedding.

At this point in my career, I’ve spent so many special occasions with Jordan and her people that they’re starting to feel a bit like family to me. I’ve photographed her sisters’ weddings, and her sisters’ friends, her sister’s in-laws family photos, and her cousin’s wedding, and her other cousins’ senior pictures, and I know that Verna will likely be doing the flowers on any given wedding day, and that I will see their family flood the dance floor within seconds later on when the DJ plays “We Are Family”, and that I’ll be greeted with excitement and hugs immediately upon entering the getting ready room on the morning of one of their weddings. I love these things about them. Beyond that, I love the way they’re a package deal – and as I saw the way Austin meshed with their family and the way Jordan meshed with his, I realized this is another one of the many “best things” about wedding days – the ways in which we as humans meld our people and habits and lifestyles together, creating a new version of our personal package deals as we move through this life.

And that’s what I get the chance to spend my weekends observing – a bunch of people who love these two other people, who may have nothing more in common than that love, and yet they cheer and laugh and cry together regardless. So I watched as Jordan and Austin’s people-who-have-been-there-forever mixed with their new friends and family members on one of the hottest days we’ve seen this summer. It was the kind of heat that hits you in the face and makes you feel a bit like you’re gasping for air, and yet these two frolicked in a field of black eyed susans and drank and laughed with their wedding party and made the absolute most of their wedding day regardless. And as much as I love the way that Jordan’s smile and laugh had (and always has) this infectious impact on everyone around her throughout their wedding day, I am pretty sure I love the way Austin looked at her when she was lighting up the room even more.

Reception Venue: Stern Center
Decor + Linens: I Do Events
Dress: Bridal Elegance
Catering: Bridge’s Catering
Videographer: Turning Leaf Creation
Cake + Desserts: Whitey’s Ice Cream + homemade angel food cakes

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