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This is the business of observing. I mean, sure, throughout a wedding day I will likely line up family members for a photo of the entire family, possibly tell bad jokes to make the kids laugh, or raise my voice from a dull roar to a complete holler in order to get the attention of the entire wedding party. But the real stuff, the best stuff – those moments happen when I’m quiet.

Lynelle and Lucas have a love that’s most noticeable when it’s quiet. It’s the kind that could go unseen by others if you aren’t waiting for it, watching them, looking for these glimpses. It’s the kind that always feels incredibly special to me when I’m photographing, because these moments make you feel like you’re in on their secret.

I spent an afternoon observing Lynelle and Lucas during an intense snowfall back in February for their engagement session. The only way I can describe this afternoon is blustery – the snow was heavy and the wind was fierce, and most people would have been miserable stepping foot in it. Lynelle and Lucas, on the other hand, hardly noticed. Her shoulders fell into the curve of his arm naturally as he pulled her in tight for warmth, and their equal giddiness despite the weather made it feel like they were the only ones who existed in that moment.

I recently got to spend a weekend photographing them again as they and their loved ones celebrated their wedding. I had the chance to observe their First Look, which was the moment when they saw each other for the first time. Lucas turned around, walked toward Lynelle as quickly as he could, and scooped her up. As he lifted her from the ground, and as I watched and snapped with a giant grin on my face, I heard it quietly, uttered under their breaths.

“I love you.”

“I love you.”

There are these quiet moments that occur sometimes on a wedding day, and they strike you to your core with their sincerity. And sometimes they are the kind of thing that can’t be captured in a photograph, like the quiet I love yous when no one else is around. And sometimes, that’s okay – maybe sometimes, that’s even better.

Flowers: A Few of My Favorite Things, Wyoming, IL
Bride’s Dress: Sharon Geske
Reception Catering: Renee Endress

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