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Krista and Pat first met in a way that few do – Krista was planning a trip to Europe with her friend Clancy; Pat was Clancy’s roommate at the time and eventually decided to tag along on their trip. So Krista and Pat also initially got toknow each other in a way few people do – while booking hotels and climbing mountains and visiting new cities for the first time. Traveling is often a whole thing, so it kind of blew my mind when I learned this was how the two of them met – it’s one thing to start out as friends, and it’s an entirely different one to start out traveling abroad together.

I know it’d be easy to assume that because of this, Pat and Krista are more like a couple of good friends deciding to spend the rest of their lives hanging out, but it isn’t as straightforward as that – because when I arrived that morning to the home where the ladies were getting their hair and makeup done, Krista was straight giddy about marrying Pat, and this excitement and energy over one another is one of my favorite things about them. She laughed with her girlfriends and talked excitedly about seeing him, and as she read her letter from him and then clutched it to her chest after finishing, I think I giggled excitedly right along with her.

She and Pat got married in Pat’s family’s church in Michigan City, IN, and then they hopped on a trolley and roamed the neighborhoods and beaches where Pat grew up. The fun Krista and Pat have together is infectious, which was easy to see as their wedding party shared drinks and laughs and jokes throughout the afternoon. The two of them joined their guests at the cocktail hour at Heston Hills Event Center later on, and then brought the same energy they bring to everything and everyone as they entered their reception. I thought about this as I put together their sneak peek and recalled the events of their day, and realized how naturally this energy seems to radiate from them – I saw it as they listened to their loved ones’ toasts and again when they immediately hit the dance floor as soon as it opened, and think it’s just the way Krista and Pat are when they’re together – full of life and love with these adventurous, fun-loving spirits, which is exactly why the way they first met now feels like the only way I could imagine these two meeting the person they’ll spend the rest of their lives having so much damn fun with.

Reception Venue: Heston Hills Event Center
Church: Notre Dame Catholic Church
Coordinator: Kaitlyn Majoy
Band: Bluewater Kings
Dress: Here Comes the Bride

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