karlee + max | lincolnshire marriott resort wedding.

Max was on the main level of the resort as he opened his gift from Karlee on their wedding day. His brothers and friends surrounded him as he grinned his way through reading the card. He then tore off the paper and opened a personalized backgammon set from his soon-to-be bride, which included their initials and a lyric from a song they love. Upstairs Karlee was in a hotel room full of her bridesmaids, first opening two cards from Max – one addressed to her, the other simply titled “gift explanation”. She pulled the earrings and beautiful tea set out of the box first, followed by a first edition copy of one of their favorite books. Tears streamed down her face as she read the explanation card, a quote by the author that wove the meaning of the gifts together. She laughed and cried as she tried to explain this to her bridesmaids, but eventually handed the cards off to them instead of trying to verbally muddle her way through those emotions. At this point I was wiping tears from my face, too – because what a beautiful thing it is to see two people not only sharing such thoughtfulness, but to also witness them being and feeling so completely known by another.

Their entire day went a lot like this – there were many tears, and exclamations of love, and there was quite simply just so much JOY. Their first look together was equally tear filled, and as we photographed them my second shooter turned to me and said, “I don’t know if we’ve ever photographed a couple who looks so in love with one another”. I fervently agreed.

There are so many more things I could tell you about their day – like the excitement that radiated from them as they signed their ketubah in a room before their ceremony, or the way they were able to elicit both laughter and tears from each other during their vows, or the way they danced down the aisle together after stepping on the glass. One of the things I love most about Karlee and Max is the way they did everything on this day with the exact passion and sincerity that they give to one another, and that they seem to put forth toward life in general – they wrapped everyone up in hugs, and tears came from their faces as their parents and siblings toasted them, and they looked at everyone and everything in a way that lets the world know they mean it.

Venue: Lincolnshire Marriott Resort
Dress: Weddings 826
Florals: Yanni Design Studio
Videographer: Native Creative
Cake: Lovin Oven Cakery
Catering: Lincolnshire Marriott Resort
DJ: Rob Monastero

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