erin + joe | south barrington pinstripes wedding.

I knew from the moment I received Erin’s first email that I wanted to photograph her and Joe’s wedding day. She began by telling me about how the two of them first met – he was a client at the salon she was working at, and his hairstylist, thinking the two of them could potentially be a good fit, gave him Erin’s phone number. He called her, and they went on their first date – it lasted ten hours and they’ve been together ever since. Joe retold this story to all of their wedding guests as he gave a toast; and as he did so, he beamed at his new wife. In fact, he beamed at her all day.

One of my favorite things about Erin and Joe is the sincerity they exude – in the things they say to their friends and family, and in the way they hug, and simply in how they look at each other. During their first look, Joe kept lifting his arm to use the back of his hand as a tissue to wipe the tears from his eyes, and Erin’s eyes lit up as she looked back at him, and I’m completely sure my eyes were fogging up from the tears filling them in this moment, too. In that first email, Erin told me this: “I’m sure it sounds cheesy, but we love doing pretty much anything together. We found love a little later in life compared to most, so I think we just appreciate being together.” I grin every time I think about that statement – because what a beautiful thing, to simply be so thankful for someone that every moment of their presence feels like a blessing.

And this, of course, is what made their day so wonderful – the ways in which each moment felt treasured by them, from the first look to adding soil to their tree together during the ceremony to praying together to joining Joe’s kids and the rest of their loved ones on the dance floor. And as cheesy as it sounds, seeing a love like Erin and Joe’s really does have a way of reminding a person that sometimes the best things really are worth the wait.

Venue: Pinstripes in South Barrington, IL
Florist: Branching Out Event Florist, Christine
Hair: Andrea Kusch
Makeup: Jackie Rangel
Dress: Genevieve’s Bridal Couture
Cake: Toni Patisserie & Cafe
Venue Coordinator: Sara Alaniz
DJ: Top Shelf Entertainment, Jeff

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