ben & kayla | destination wedding in cancun, mexico.

When Kayla decided to take a traveling position within her field that resulted in her being relocated to North Dakota, her dad said to her, reassuringly, “you can live anywhere for three months, Kayla”. North Dakota was originally meant to simply be a pit stop prior to her next adventure, and so she made the move. Kayla is one of those people who brings a spark to whatever room she happens to be in – she’s hilarious, and gorgeous, and an absolute blast to be around, so it’s no surprise that her co-workers wanted her to stick around after getting to know her. One co-worker told Kayla she wanted to set her up with a local guy she knew, in hopes that they would hit it off and Kayla would maybe not leave NoDak quite so soon. So, Kayla and her co-worker went to grab drinks one night, and the guy who she had planned to set Kayla up with ended up not being able to make it. But do you know who did end up being at the bar that evening? Ben. Kayla’s co-worker also knew Ben, and after introducing the two of them that night, the rest is, as they say, history.

Ben initially comes off as Kayla’s polar opposite – at first meeting, he seems quiet, more reserved, and far more shy than her. However, as you get to know him and observe him, his more subtle qualities come out – his quick wit and dry humor, his dance moves and beaming smile that the people he loves most bring out in him, and the manner in which he looks away in emotional moments not because he’s distracted, but because he’s trying to hide his tears.

Kayla and Ben’s family and friends flew out to Cancun, Mexico for their wedding festivities, and it was an intimately perfect afternoon full of sunshine, laughter, drinks, and live music – and more than that, it was the perfect afternoon for the two of them.

Resort: Now Sapphire Riviera Cancun

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