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I spend my days observing intimacy. Whether it’s the people on my computer screen as I edit, or the ones standing in front of me who I’m about to photograph, I’m continually watching the ways in which they hold each other, touch each other, look at each other. The ways they take deep breaths and laugh nervously and find the particular spot where they like to place their hand around the other’s waist. I’ve always been fascinated by the way we as humans can do things so often and comfortably that it eventually becomes effortless – how if you stop thinking too hard about it, you find yourself wrapping your arms around him like you do when you’re at home together, or locate the divot in her shoulder where you tend to rest your chin.

Megan and Scott met me (in person) for the first time at our engagement session. They showed up with a simple two outfits and a bottle of champagne, and I already knew this was gonna be a fun one. Sometimes it takes a bit for couples to find their comfort zone with a photographer in front of them, but not these two – their faces were plastered with sincere-rather-than-forced grins, and they stood a few feet from me and naturally found the places within one another’s wrapped arms that felt like home. We talked a bit about their wedding, but also about their jobs and how they met and how excited we all three were for the debut of the second season of Stranger Things. They laughed about how they were watching an episode prior to their engagement session, but juuuust weren’t sure they could fully fit the next one in before they would have to leave and didn’t want to chance not being able to finish the episode all at once. They looked at one another as they giggled their way through explaining this conundrum, and excitedly shared that their big weekend plans after our session ended included a continued binging. And as simple as it is, this really just felt like it was the whole thing, you know? Like, here’s this person who you adore who will also drink (and happily spill) champagne with you, keep you laughing, and watches Stranger Things alongside you with the same fervor, and maybe that’s really what it’s mostly all about.

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