jen & patrick | quad cities wedding.

Jen and Patrick recently posted a few photos from their honeymoon on social media, but they weren’t your classic selfies in the pool holding cocktails, nor did this set involve pictures of them dressed up on the beach prior to a fancy dinner. Instead, it was a shot of the two of them posing together while looking like they were about to drop an album, followed by them repelling into a hole. And this exemplifies one of my favorite things about Jen and Patrick, which happens to be one of the main reasons why this wedding day was so fun to be part of – they’re equally goofy and smart and hilarious, and not only do they have a blast together, but I now know they do the same with everyone they encounter.

I actually remember the first time I met Jen — we were in junior high, and both were running the second leg of a relay on opposing track teams. I was in the midst of awkwardness paired with shyness at this point in my life, so I didn’t know anyone from other schools in our conference like some of my friends did. The blonde girl in the lane next to me started chatting as we waited for the race to start, and I felt my shyness naturally dissipate as we began to banter. I don’t remember which team ended up winning that race, but I do remember thinking in that moment that even though I had only chatted with her briefly, I could imagine myself being friends with that Jennifer Peck girl. Even though it was just casual junior high girl convo, she made me feel like less of an odd duck, and welcomed, and just as importantly, like a friend.

Now that I know both her and Patrick as adults, and after hearing their friends and family members toasts about them and spending the day watching them enveloped in the conversations and the banter and the love and laughs from their people, I know that seventh grade Brooke wasn’t alone in this feeling. Their loved ones attested to their goofiness and their weirdness, of course – but also to the way they love the ones in their lives, and to their goodness as humans and their consideration for others, and it all had a way of reminding me that sometimes the universe brings two people together who make this world an even more fun, comical, kind place simply by being alongside one another.

Reception Venue: iWireless Center
Hair: The Hair Saloon, Kewanee, IL
Makeup: Becca Medley & Brooke Olson
Flowers + Decor: Detailed Designs
DJ/Videographer: Everlasting Weddings & Events
Dress: Bridal Elegance
Catering: Levy Restaurants at iWireless Center
Chairs: Clazzy Designs
Beer: Bent River Brewing Company

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