shelby + kolby | parker run vineyards wedding | new windsor, il.

Shelby and Kolby each began their wedding day in homes that mean a lot to them – Kolby and his friends got ready at his parents’ place, and Shelby and her girls did hair and makeup in the house she and Kolby now call home together. I walked into Kolby’s parents’ house to find him in the kitchen chatting with the guys – his mom was getting ready to head over to see the ladies soon, and his dad was coming inside from working on the farm that morning. Kolby gave the guys each a gift, and after watching them open their socks, he made his way upstairs to put on his suit. Their mornings were equally calm as Shelby also hung out with her crew – there were bridesmaids steaming dresses and mimosas being poured, and friends and family all came together as they excitedly chatted about the day ahead.

Kolby and Shelby both shared prayers separately prior to the ceremony, and I caught myself marveling at the similarities between their experiences, despite being in separate rooms. Their loved ones placed their hands on them as they prepared to not only see each other in the aisle in mere minutes, but then vow to spend their lives together after that. Kolby’s tears and Shelby’s beaming smile reminded me how beautifully couples can balance one another – their friends and family shared later in their speeches the ways in which Kolby is thoughtful and kind and reserved, and how Shelby is bold and expressive, which felt so evident in this moment where she walked toward him with her father, excitedly grinning and giggling all at once.

I’m a firm believer in balance being integral to both life and love, and seeing that in full effect when you’re spending time with Kolby and Shelby is such a treat. Their differing traits have a way of bringing out a playfulness in both of them – there was a bit of sweetness in the way they messily fed each other ice cream instead of cake, and a bit of romance as they shared their first dance, and a lot of goofiness as they excitedly competed in their dollar dash. Not only do they seem to have an incredible amount of fun together, but it’s clear through the continual looks on their faces how lucky they each feel to be ending up getting to spend life with one another, too.

Reception Venue: Parker Run Vineyard
Church: First United Methodist Church, Geneseo, IL
Catering: Renee Endress
Ice Cream Truck: Kamaela’s Kreamery
Bride’s Dress: Adore Bridal
Florals: Garden of Grace
Makeup + Hair: Courtney Wagenbach
DJ: DJ Mike from Performance Sound

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