mary + patrick | cd & me wedding | frankfort, il.

Patrick and Mary initially met through mutual friends while they were both living in the Chicago area, but when they were only a few months into dating, Patrick had to report to Oklahoma for his job. They tackled the long distance game together for a while once he moved south and she finished grad school, and he eventually got placed in California for work after that. As Mary’s younger sister said during her maid of honor toast at their wedding reception, Mary was the sibling who they all thought would always stick around home – Ann described her as “the one who would stay living at Mom and Dad’s for as long as she could”, and Mary nodded and laughed as her sister said it because at the time, they had all known it to be true. But that’s the thing about love, and feeling things shift, and relationshipping alongside someone whose presence unearths something in you maybe didn’t even know was there before – it makes us grow and change and pivot, in ways we likely wouldn’t have on our own. So Mary packed up her car with her mom and made her way out to California to be with Patrick, and they adventured their way through their new area, and they got a dog together, and they eventually found themselves moving to Alaska and making a new home there, too. Despite living so far away now, they planned their wedding back where it all started, amongst their families and friends, getting ready in the homes of people they love.

Mary got ready on their wedding day at her Mom and Dad’s house, while Patrick got ready at his cousin’s apartment nearby. One of the many things I love about these two is their thoughtfulness – they each had gifts for their loved ones to open during this time, and they soaked up every second of a time that some people nervously rush through.

They had decided to read letters to one another without seeing each other by a tree outside the church where their ceremony took place, and Mary hiked up her dress and bounded through the wet grass in her heels to get there, umbrella in hand and her sister at her side. Between the cold and the wind, we briefly wondered if we should have done their letter reading inside – but instead, we found a tree with slightly more coverage, and Mary borrowed Pat’s jacket, and they clenched hands and read the words they’d written to one another, and it honestly felt sort of perfect for a couple of adventurous Alaskans.

From there, the rest of their day was a PARTY, and that’s the only way I can imagine these two would make a day like this out to be. Mary is enthusiastic and full of energy and life, and you could feel that emanating from her in every interaction and hug. Patrick is laid back and thoughtful and fun-loving, and watching him light up as Mary radiated was easily one of my favorite parts of the day. I could go on and on (and on) about these two and their day, but this is one of those weddings where I feel like you can easily see the love and excitement between them and their people in these photographs much better than I can describe it. It was a perfect day, and more than that, it was perfectly Mary and Patrick.

Reception Venue: CD & ME
Church: SS. Cyril & Methodius Church
Dress: Bellevue Bridal
Videography: Datflipmel Photo & Films
Makeup + Hair: White Lotus Weddings
Cake + Desserts: Creative Cakes
Florist: Flowers by Steen
Catering: Scrementi’s
Coordinator: Catherine, CD & ME
DJ: Sound Sonic 

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