kind words.

Pin it“Currently going through hundreds of our wedding photos tearing up with gratitude and feeling so incredibly lucky to have had Brooke as a photographer. She captured the most special times of the day, times we now have on film. There wasn’t a moment of the day she wasn’t finding some special moment to capture for us! From the moment we met, Brooke was professional, straightforward, happy, knowledgable, and seemed genuinely excited for our wedding experience and to spend the day taking our wedding photos. From carrying a ladder in downtown Chicago to get the best angle, helping get guests in the right place at the right time, to delivering the most beautiful, professional photos, Brooke knocked everything out of the park. The quality of the images is breathtaking. We would recommend her to anyone looking for a wedding photographer, and are already looking for an excuse to get photos again!”

Katie and James

Pin it“Brooke was my best friend’s wedding photographer last weekend. Brooke was without a doubt the most present and hard working photographer I have ever seen at work. She maintained an energetic, calm essence about her and carried her attention throughout each important minute of the entire day. She was like a ninja, everywhere at once! She was fully invested in her wedding couple and made sure that she gave it her all. I even got to have a great conversation with her and get to know her a bit – something she could have easily overlooked. She inspired me as a wedding photographer myself to be more engaging, attentive, and have a lasting energy from sunrise to that last crazy dance.

Relational, present, over-achieving standards; Brooke is hands down one of my go-to recommendations for future friend’s wedding, or weddings I am not able to shoot myself. She’s magnificent!”

– Brittany, friend + bridesmaid of Meg and Andy

Pin it“If I could add 100 stars to the review I would! Brooke was such a rockstar photographer. She was always up for anything and totally committed to making our vision come true. Everything from traipsing all over downtown Chicago for our engagement session to braving our cold and rainy wedding day to get the perfect outdoor shots – Brooke’s passion for people and beautiful things makes her the perfect person to be behind the lens capturing your special day.”

– Amanda and Terry


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“My husband and I will never be able to say enough good things about Brooke! She has a great talent and uses it to make people’s dreams come true. We had somewhat of a crazy wedding party and she wrangled them better than anyone else while staying professional and entertaining. My stress level was at an all time high on the day of our wedding and Brooke kept me cool, calm, and collected. She captured shots that took my breath away when I opened the online gallery – and I can be hard to please at times! My husband, who hates to have his picture taken, actually liked the pictures he was in (that’s no easy task)!

After meeting with Brooke to talk about what I was looking for, I knew she was the right person to capture our wedding. She showed me pictures of another wedding she did and thought it was what I was looking for. She was right! The way she uses natural light is nothing short of amazing! We had an outside wedding in the middle of a walnut grove. I’m not a photographer AT ALL, but was hoping our location would allow the sun to shine through to provide the whimsical feel I was going for. The sun did its job, but Brooke was the one who perfected the shots and put us in the right places during pictures.

If natural light, professionalism, easy going, and ohhh and ahhh moments are your thing, then Brooke is who you need to reach out to for capturing your special day. I am saying all of this before even seeing our full album! Just the sneak peek alone was enough to make me jump for joy!”

– Rachel and Cody

Pin it“I was in a wedding Brooke photographed and she was great! She is a very fun spirit to have around to capture every moment and little detail. She helped keep the day structured, which we were very thankful for! This helped keep the pressure off of the bride. It was nice having someone looking at the clock making sure we were where we needed to be. It was very obvious that she found every part of the day’s agenda important and not just the portion of the day that was cut out specifically for posed pictures. Another thing that stood out with Brooke was she made sure her pictures were going to be perfect by fixing hair, directing the guys when to button and unbutton their suits, when to lean in more, etc. And by the looks of the sneak peek (that she had up within 24 hours), the pictures are going to turn out exactly how the bride envisioned them! Great photographer, she does her job very well with an obvious passion for what she is doing!”

– Elli, friend + bridesmaid of Taran and Michael


Pin it“Wow, where to begin…Brooke is incredible! She captured the most special of moments and emotions from our perfect day! She helped everything run smoothly and helped keep me calm through a few hiccups during the day. I could not imagine saying “I do” without her, she is the full package!!!”

– Kayla and Ben

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“My husband and I had maternity photos taken with Brooke. We did an in-home session complete with a busy dog and an indifferent cat. I can’t say enough about how wonderful she was and how relaxed and perfectly the session flowed. She was so sweet and organized everything so well. From the first sneak peek photo she released from our session, I knew she was not just a photographer but an artist. If you are looking for someone to snap a few fancy photos on a nice camera, she is not your girl. Brooke’s work is truly something much more special and unique. This special time in our lives was so beautifully captured and I will cherish these photos forever. I can’t say enough about her or her work, amazing!”

– Shelby and Ray

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“Brooke was so great to work with during both our engagement and wedding photography sessions. She definitely has a creative gift, and really listens to what you want. I especially loved her ability to keep everyone in the wedding party in line and on task during pictures, and it was definitely a huge relief to have someone so organized and time oriented doing our photography. We loved our engagement pictures and are so excited to see the end result of our wedding! Highly recommend!”

– Amanda and Joey

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“I cannot speak highly enough of Brooke! She is excellent at what she does! When we first booked our engagement session with her, we did not know a lot about her except for the research we had done online. Her work looked great, and we didn’t see a bad word spoken about her. She lived up to that standard and then some! I was slightly nervous, as I had not had professional photos taken in a long time. She made my husband and I feel so relaxed and comfortable throughout the process – there was never any awkwardness. She came prepared with everything she needed for the shoot. By the end of our time, I felt like we had known her our whole lives. She connected very well with us! The quality of her editing was amazing and the photos looked perfect.

Throughout the pre-wedding process, Brooke was so easy to work with and extremely responsive. Going into the day of, I was not one bit nervous about how Brooke would handle the day. On the day of, Brooke kept us on time during a very tight schedule in our church. She handled our large families with ease, getting everyone lined up for all the shots we wanted. She even has a great routine for the kids to keep them laughing and smiling throughout. The atmosphere she brought to our wedding party was as easy going as things can get. She didn’t have anybody standing around waiting bored, but got the shots taken care of quickly. Everyone had fun throughout the whole process. We have recently received our edited wedding photos. They are better than we could have imagined! Brooke worked hard on our photos and they are absolutely beautiful! We highly recommend choosing Brooke, our wedding would not have been the same without her!”

Katie and Bobby


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“Engagement pictures: From The Gentleman’s Perspective.

I was NOT looking forward to doing this. I was not looking forward to any of it because I hate with a passion my picture being taken. I’m not a photogenic guy. It’s just something you come to terms with over time and, eventually, you stay away from cameras altogether. Well this day, FORTUNATELY, I had no choice. And fortunately, my fiance and I had the great privilege of getting our pictures taken by Brooke. Words cannot describe this girl’s eye for great pictures, her professionalism, and personality. She made, me specifically, feel like a damn GQ model. And she made me look like one, too. I’m even starting to wonder why I didn’t go into modeling in the first place – she’s THAT GOOD. Long story short – this is the person you want to take your photos. You will certainly not regret it!”

Andy and Kara


Pin it“Simply put, Brooke is awesome. In an industry that often times anyone with a point and shoot will call themselves a professional, Brooke is a true professional. Where many photographers may merely take photos, Brooke combines her awesome talents with serious business acumen and phenomenal communication. When we were approaching our outdoor wedding at the zoo, we were due for some horrible weather. She worked tirelessly, hatching a backup plan with us and our vendors that put everyone at ease. It must have also put mother nature at ease, because outside of a few sprinkles, the weather was fantastic. In that moment, I realized we had the right person for the job. As a photographer, she is phenomenal at catching the moments that may otherwise slip past, great at staging family members, and her scheduling does a great job of getting other vendors organized while maintaining flexibility in order to grab a a few impromptu photos. I imagine she can get the results you want whether you have the rowdiest groomsmen or the most uptight bridesmaids. If you’re looking for the best photographer that also has a great personality and keeps your day on schedule and fun, look no further than Brooke. I know you can do far worse, but you’d be hard pressed to do better.”

Derek and Alyssa