karie + ryan | downtown chicago + lincoln park engagement.

Karie and Ryan’s engagement session got rescheduled twice before we finally had the chance to make it happen, but rain and sickness held us up the prior times, so I can easily say that the third time was most definitely the proverbial charm. These two originally met in the city after moving to the area from elsewhere; Karie made her way here from Wisconsin, and Ryan had grown up in the suburbs of Chicago. I love when couples choose their session locations based on where they met, and fell in love, and have now created a life together – there’s something special about being photographed in the city where you came across the person you decided you want to spend the rest of your days with.
We hopped around the loop and Lincoln Park together for their session, and chatted about their upcoming wedding and friendships and getting older and life and finding “fall” in the middle of the city we all love. Spending time with the two of them is fun and laid back, and you can tell when you’re with them that their own time together is like that of best friends who happen to also be lucky enough to be in love. Their session got me thinking about how perfectly chill + fun their wedding will be, and I in turn feel lucky to be the one eventually photographing it.

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