erin & doug | engagement session on the farm | morrison, il.

Erin and Doug first met in college – she was a sophomore and he was a senior when they ended up crossing paths at an Irish pub while out with mutual friends who ran into one another at the bar that night. They spent their early years getting to know each other and finishing college, starting new jobs and putting down roots together. Having each grown up in small towns not too far from one another, they ended up buying a home between the two.

I’ve always imagined that buying a house together and making it a home must be such a new and different shift within a relationship – the process of deciding which couch to get and what items you each own have value, and adjusting to someone else’s routine and spending tired-after-work evenings together here and there, and figuring out who will do the dishes or take out the trash, and knowing you’ll be doing these things with this person for the rest of your lives. I, for one, have no idea what things can properly prepare a person for marriage, but I imagine that putting down these roots together could possibly be one of them.

So for Erin and Doug’s session, we spent our time in one of the places where their original roots lie – I photographed them at the state park not far from their home, as well as on Erin’s family’s farm. They told me about their wedding plans and their dog and their jobs, and as we roamed the farm, they laughed and waved upon seeing Erin’s dad in the combine in the field next to us. There was a simplicity and ease to hanging out with Erin and Doug – it is evident how calm and comfortable they are together, and they make you feel the same way while in their presence. We started our session when the sun was shining brightly and ended it as the last bit of light faded, and it was one of those sessions that felt like home in so many different ways.

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