brycelyn & ryan | winter engagement session | peoria, il.

Brycelyn and Ryan first met at a University of Illinois tailgate – she was a University of Iowa student visiting campus that weekend with friends, and he was a student at Illinois. They were introduced briefly that day and hung out amongst their mutual crews, but went their separate ways from there. They crossed paths again a few months later, when they were both back in their hometowns for winter break and happened to be working out at the same gym. After seeing Brycelyn again that day, Ryan worked up the courage to message her, which was the start of them falling for one another and deciding to do this long distance thing.

While Ryan was originally in Champaign, IL and Brycelyn was in Iowa City, Ryan eventually moved around for work over the next few years to some other midwestern cities, still a considerable distance from his girlfriend – Brycelyn finished college and took a job as a nurse with the Children’s Hospital in Iowa City, and they focused on making the most of their weekends together. When Ryan eventually had a job opportunity arise on the east coast, he and Brycelyn decided to say goodbye to long distance life and moved out there together. Last but certainly not least, they later each had job opportunities pop up in Omaha, NE, and realized this was the perfect spot for them – they both were excited about these moves for their careers, and just as importantly, they were looking forward to getting back to their midwestern roots and being closer to their friends and family. Ryan and Brycelyn got a pup and an apartment, and after all of the places that life had taken them over the past few years, they’d found a city together that felt like home.

Ryan eventually proposed to Brycelyn on a rooftop in their new city in the pouring rain, and you can tell by the way they excitedly share the story that the weather couldn’t have possibly altered their sheer enthusiasm about that moment and everything that is ahead of them from here. I hang out with couples often in this gig, and something about the way these two are with one another really does feel like you’re hanging out with two people who are each other’s best friend; there’s an ease and a comfort between them, and yet they are making the other laugh and looking at each other like they still can’t believe how lucky they are, all at once.

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