bridget, nick, and winifred | expecting.

There are few things I enjoy more about having been in this business for multiple years now than the opportunity it gives me to watch the lives of people I adore develop. I get a front row seat for when you all fall in love, and when you eventually make vows in front of everyone you care about to be with this person for the rest of your life. And then, sometimes I get to capture you preparing to be parents – growing a person inside you and turning your spare bedroom into a nursery and probably reading baby books and blogs and trying to help each other get ready for something that people say you can never fully be ready for until you’re immersed in it.

One of the things myself and many other photographers will tell you is that when we photograph a wedding day, we tend to love the moments that come in between the big ones. The things that are happening quietly behind the scenes, like the deep breaths and the extra-tight hugs. These are moments of transition – where something big is about to happen, and though you planned for it extensively, there was no way to prepare for the excitement and nerves and anticipation you’re feeling now, when you can sense the big moment coming closer. This time when you’re expecting a baby is a lot like these moments, in that way – it’s the time of in between. It’s the duration between the moment when you both thought “maybe we’re ready”, and when a person enters the world who will call the two of you mom and dad.

This is why I’m all the more honored to capture this place in time. I was there in all of the aforementioned moments with Bridget and Nick – I photographed the two of them in the midst of falling in love, and then in deciding to spend the rest of their lives together. So it feels perfectly fitting that I’m here, capturing this new in-between moment for them – the two of them and their dog Winifred, this little love-filled family that their baby will be coming home to – as they prepare for the thing that essentially cannot be prepared for as best they can, and share each other’s nerves and anxieties and excitement along the way.

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