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I imagine that I spend more time third wheeling than most people – not only do I play this role often times with my own friends, but I also do so professionally, particularly when photographing engagement sessions. And lemme tell ya – if there’s a couple that most people would objectively have a great time third wheeling with, it’s Beth and Jon.

They first met a few years ago, while Beth was working part-time as a bartender at a local spot. It was a Sunday morning, and Jon came in with a friend during the brunch hour. They chatted throughout her shift that morning, and upon the realization that they had mutual friends, eventually started to get to know one another even better through group hang outs. Jon did end up asking Beth out – and, of course, she said yes.

One of the things I love most about hearing these stories of ‘how it all began’ from my clients is the fact that since I am meeting them for the first time, I am seeing them in a far different relationship stage than the one they’re describing to me. The beginning is uncertain and full of niceties and often trying, in some way, to impress. I, on the other hand, see their relationship in a more developed form – it’s certain, and it’s full of a blunt honesty while no longer trying to impress, and an acceptance and admiration that generally isn’t acquired until the niceties are dropped and you really get to know someone.

Beth and Jon’s developed relationship form is exactly why third wheeling with them was a blast. They have a strong sense for each other’s humor, and their banter feels quick but effortless. It’s the first time I’ve ever been around a couple who feels as though they have a sort of rhythm with one another – they have a way of ping-ponging off of each other conversationally that feels both natural and funny, while also making the rest of us feel as though we are in on it. I’m photographing their wedding next year, and I already know this will be a fun one – full of jokes, and laughter, and songs, and love.

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