beth + blake | proven ground farm wedding.

They often tell you that ‘something will go wrong’ on your wedding day. And in my experience of photographing weddings, this is often quite true. Sometimes it’s rain during the outdoor wedding ceremony, sometimes it’s the cake falling apart, sometimes it’s the music going out as the bride is walking down the aisle – I’ve seen all of these things happen to couples, and the thing I’ve realized is that ultimately it has less to do with how you fix these issues, and more to do with how you react to them. It’s about letting go of that idealized perfection, and letting these imperfections become their own, unique part of your day.

Beth and Blake had their share of ‘things that went wrong’ on their wedding day. There were issues with the flowers, and Beth woke up with a migraine, and we were running behind in terms of the timeline earlier in the day, and there were many helpful hands scurrying to get the ceremony décor ready in time – but you know what? It all worked out. You know why? Because as soon as Beth and Blake saw each other during their first look, all of these things no longer mattered. I saw it in their faces and body language in that moment, and again as they met at the end of the ceremony aisle. Then those things that originally felt like a huge part of the wedding day – the coordinating and the décor and the months of planning – go by the wayside, and the emphasis falls instead, simply, on the two of you. And your loved ones. And the beautiful weather you ended up with. And the faces you are so excited to see.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I hope people see when they look at the photographs I take of them. Because when you look at your photos, I don’t really want you to see perfection, anyway. I don’t want you to see flawlessness. We’re human beings, and therefore, we are more complex than perfection allows.

Instead, I want you to see those qualities about each other that fill you up with life and made you fall in love in the first place, and I want you to see the fights, and the doubts, and the messy moments the two of you have shared, too. I want you to remember all of the incredible, complicated things that make the two of you who you are, both separately and together. Because life is more messy than flawless, and I hope that these images help you remember how far you’ve come together, and envision the beautifully complex adventure together that lies ahead.

Ceremony + Reception Venue: Proven Ground Farm
Getting Ready location: Country Inn and Suites
Decor Rental: Something Old Event Rental 
Donuts: Donut Love
Catering: Hy Vee

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